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Discipline being prerequisite for success, immediate obedience and respect are required from all students to the head teacher and any other person in authority. Failure to abide by this cardinal rule shall lead to appropriate punishment or expulsion.


Classes are compulsory and every student must work hard to meet the required academic standards of the school. Failure to meet the set standard will lead to demotion or discontinuing of the student.

Students who absent themselves or dodge tests and examinations without genuine reasons will be discontinued hence forth.

English language is the only official medium of communication at school except where the subject demands otherwise. Whoever is found speaking other languages when not authorized shall be apprehended and dealt with accordingly.


Time shall be seriously observed at all school functions and class level. School opens at 4:30 am for the morning preps and closes at 10:00 pm after the evening preps. Attendance of all preps is hence forth compulsory to all boarding students unless granted written permission from relevant authorities. Boarders must sign prep rules and failure to abide by them will lead to service of appropriate punishment(s) and expulsion if habitual. Classes begin at 7:10 am and all day scholars will not be allowed in the school after 7:40 am. Visitors or students from home MUST do so before 5:40 pm or else will be locked outside the gates and asked to return the following day.

Dodging of school activities and classes is seriously punishable. Attendance of school functions is mandatory to all students unless communicated otherwise.


Students should respect and urgently respond to the bell / gong when sounded for the various school activities like exiting the halls of residence (dormitories), reporting for lessons, break time, chapel time, preps, among others.


a) Uniform(s)

The school uniform MUST BE worn on every school functions.

Boy`s Uniform:

`O’ Level: White badged short sleeved shirt with army green pair of trousers, long sleeved school sweeter.

`A’ Level: White badged long sleeved shirt with a green pair of trousers, armless school sweeter.

Black pair of trousers and a white Aspire t-shirt worn only on Fridays.

“Balancing“ (Fastening of the trousers below the waistline) is punishable.

Girls` uniform:

`O` Level: White badged short sleeved shirt with army green wrapper skirt, long sleeved sweeter, rolled up white stockings , black low heeled closed shoes.

`A` Level: White badged long sleeved shirt with army green skirts, armless sweeter, rolled up pair of white stockings, black low heeled shoes.

Buttoning up of the last button is a must to all.

DECENCY and TUCKING in are a MUST on and off the school compound. Failure to do so is highly punishable.

ALL NON SCHOOL UNIFORM MATERIALS shall be confiscated for good and punishment(s) given to the offenders. All School uniforms should be put on only on the stipulated or authorized day(s) unless with prior written permission from concerned office(s).

Hair and Make ups

Hair must be kept as short as 5mm and natural.

Make ups including lipstick, lip shine, eye shadow, and nail vanish, accessories/ jewelries, etc are not allowed.


Classrooms shall be cleaned in the evenings by identified persons.

Littering of the school compound is strictly forbidden. Whoever does not abide by this shall face appropriate punishment.


All school property must be respected and protected. It should not be removed or borrowed without permission or direction from a member of staff.

Damage, theft, loss and vandalism of school property will be punishable by repair, replacement or expulsion.


Whoever is caught stealing or found guilt of the offence or with stolen property will be made to pay or replace the item(s) in question and face suspension or expulsion.


A student shall only leave school with written permission from the relevant authorities. Escapism is punishable by expulsion and the school is NOT responsible for whatever problem faced. Offenders will be asked to buy two (2) bags of cement and a fine


Visitors will be allowed at school only on specified days

Visitors must register with security office/personnel and shall be issued with a visitor’s card hence forth.

Visitors must seek permission from a member(s) of staff before talking to the student. Thus communication between student and strangers is highly forbidden.

No visitor shall be allowed in the student’s dormitories without the permission of the dean or matron or any other office.


Bulling, fighting and any form of violence or brutality against another person is strictly forbidden and offenders will be liable to a punishment, suspension, expulsion or referred to Police.


Smoking, alcohol taking, fuel sniffing and any other form of chemical substance / drug consumption is strictly outlawed / forbidden. Whoever is caught or in possession of such drugs shall be expelled from school henceforth.


Bringing and use of appliance like water heaters, radios, phones, ipods, mp3 and mp4 players, palmtops etc is strictly forbidden. Whoever is caught is liable to punishment, suspension or expulsion and the gadget shall be confiscated and not returned.


Engaging in any form of examination malpractice / cheating is a serious offence and punishable by expulsion. Examination malpractice, slander, fraud forging or tempering with official documents lead to direct expulsion.


Improper sexual doubtful conducts between girls and boys, boys and boys or girls and girls is highly condemned and forbidden.

Whoever indulges in such erotic, intimate, homo sexual or lesbian relationship shall not be entertained but out rightly expelled from Namboole High School.

Molestation of the opposite sex and indecent sexual acts are strictly outlawed and offender(s) is / are liable to expulsion and prosecution.

The use of insulting, inciting, obscene or vulgar language is totally disallowed and punishable.


Any one considering publishing or circulating information in the school, or invite an outside speaker must do so with full knowledge and permission from the Club patron and School Administration.

Possession and circulation of pornographic magazines, books or newspapers, messages or pictures is a serious offence and punishable with suspension or expulsion.


Every student should carry his or her identity card(s) at all times and present them whenever and wherever required.

I …………………………………………………………………………………………. under the perfect mental conditions and freewill have fully read and understood rules and regulations of Namboole High School and promise to abide by them.

Failure to do so, let the appropriate measure be taken by the school authorities.

Signed on this …………………………………………………………………… day of ……………………………………………2019.